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Create your own personalized art and have the time of your life, painting whatever you want or recreating your favorite moments on canvas.

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Colorful Animal

A photograph is good, but a painting That’s ARTISTIC! Capture that special moment and cover it in with a painting.Let your strokes tell the story.

paint by numbers

Rest moments and relaxation in this hectic time

The 'normal' life as we know it has shaken up in recent weeks. The things that used to seem so common and standard turn out to be incredibly valuable today. Just go shopping at the supermarket, drink coffee with your colleagues at work or visit your parents ... It is no longer self-evident. The children who are no longer able to go to school, work from home if possible and try to avoid social contacts - all these measures are substantial, but necessary to get the corona-virus under control. All the more important to ensure moments of rest and relaxation in this hectic time. Zero your mind and be creative. Painting by Number offers the perfect solution. Take a look at our website and find a painting that suits you.

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