Top 10 Cute Anime Girls most Populaire of All Time!

Cute Anime girls 💖

For any kind of anime girl fan, the prospect of adoring cute anime girls goes without saying. It is a culture in and of itself, and as the anime medium has continued to evolve and gain more attraction over the years.

Cute anime girls have never been this relevant than ever before.

Regardless of whether you like shounen, seinen, sports, action, slice of life, either orthodox or unorthodox. When it comes to choosing your favorite cute anime girl, the genre is irrelevant.

And in this post, we have included 10 cute anime girls who are as wholesome as they can get regardless of the genre or kind of anime they are from.

Well then, shall we begin?


Cute Anime girls


Anime: One Punch Man

Known as “Tornado of Terror” and hailed as the second ranked Hero in the One Punch Man verse, Tatsumaki is still just an adorable little cute anime girl.

Her short height and green hair is further endorsed by her dark yet plain outfit, and that’s just one of the reasons why she is loved by both the anime and manga fans alike.

When it comes to her personality, she can be rather harsh and mostly stubborn.

If she deems you incompetent, she will always be disrespectful to you regardless of who you are, and what kind of authorized position you hold.

Charismatic and bold?


But still just a cute anime girl.


Cute Anime girls


Anime: Majo no Tabitabi

"Who is the beautiful girl wearing a brooch that signals her status as a witch, whose ashen hair flutters in the wind, shining so much with beauty and talent, that even the sun's eyes squirt involuntarily?

That's right, it's me."

-Elaina to herself

A recent edition to the Waifu list of many anime fans, it’s the Ashen witch, “Elaina”

Elaina from Majo no tabitabi is a cute anime girl with a genuinely realistic, sometimes careless yet sometimes kind, personality.

With her deep yet amusing monologues and her humorous attitude, she continues to travel from one place to another, experiencing different things, getting acquainted with other people, and just enjoying the aspect of being a witch.

But as she travels, she experiences all sorts of emotions from joy to happiness, concern, hope, to downright sadness, sometimes despair itself.

She goes through it all and yet she never loses her the lovely aura of a cute anime girl.



8- Erina Nakiri

Cute Anime girls


Anime: Food Wars

As the heir to the Nakiri family, and a cook of the highest tier… Erina Nakiri has always been, and always will be, the spotlight of the Food Wars fandom.

She starts off as a rather salty tsundere…

She is feared and admired by other students, perceived as a mutant prodigy by the cooking authorities from around the world and holds a strong sense of responsibility about what food should be and what it shouldn’t be.

But as the series progresses, she gradually turns into an adorable little caring young lady, or should I say, a cute anime girl!

Circumstances can make her life complicated but in the end she is just a cute anime girl to be adored by all of us.


7-Violet Evergarden

Cute Anime girls


Anime: Violet Evergarden

“I want to know what “I love you” means…”

-Violet Evergarden

Raised as a weapon, lived as a soldier, and yet she grew up to be not just another cute anime girl, but an anime girl with a beautiful and lovely heart.

A heart that seeks out the essence of love itself!

Violet has lived most of her childhood as a sociopath, she knew not about the social rules of the world, and how to adjust in it. The word, “Love” was always Greek to her.

But as the war ends, and she loses someone important to her, she begins her pursuit of finding out the first feeling children get to experience when they are born into this world.

The feeling, the emotion, called, “Love”

She is a maiden in the form of a cute anime girl.


6-Kosaki Onodera

Cute Anime girls


Anime: Nisekoi

“I couldn’t bring myself to ask again… I’m such a fool.”

-Kosaki Onodera

Only a select few anime girls can top Onodera when it comes to being Shy and awkward.

With her cute voice, she always has more thoughts than actual conversations. Usually she just gets embarrassed and shrinks into a short little and obviously cute anime girl.

She is kind, caring, sometimes timid, sometimes silent, a beautiful and cute anime girl.

Her brown eyes, and short yet unique hair style, only further endorse her shy and awkward persona.


5- Megumin

Cute Anime girls


Anime: Konosuba



Now, Megumin may seem like just another cute anime girl on the outside but if you are anywhere close to understanding her real essence.

You Know that regardless of how much of a cute anime girl she maybe, she usually just likes detonating things.

Hailed as the “Explosive Loli” by the fandom, she is an arch wizard with an aptitude for explosions.

The only ones who haven’t yet learned of her highness’ grace are those who haven’t watched Konosuba yet.


4-Mitsuha Miyamizu

Cute Anime girls

Anime: Your Name

As the highest grossing stand-alone anime film, “Your Name” has done wonders for the anime community.

It broke several records and is loved all over the world by both anime and non anime fans alike.

And, as the anime girl who is the main female lead of this movie.

Mitsuha is a cute anime girl with short brown hair, a rather adventurous yet genuinely caring personality, and a passion for city life. Hear it from the girl herself,

“"I hate this town! I hate this life! Please make me a handsome Tokyo boy in my next life!"

-Mitsuha's wishes


Cute Anime girls

Anime: Spice and Wolf

“No matter the journey, when you come to a fork in the road, you must decide in an instant which path to take.”


Seen as a pretty yet cute anime girl, Holo happens to be a demi human.

She has a lovely figure with long flowing hair and fluffy wolf ears, crimson red eyes, and a dark brown tail.

Smart, charismatic, bold and confident, Holo is loved by the fans for her adorable persona and genuine personality.


Cute Anime girls

Anime: Re:Zero

Ever since ReZero first came out, Rem was quick to take the crown of “Best girl”

It’s been a while since then, but even now, when it comes to talking about cute anime girls, Rem still dominates one of the top spots.

Short blue hair, black and white maid outfit, and a glistening yet emotionally captivating smile on her face.

She is one of the select few cute anime girls who have made such a strong impression on the anime community in the past decade.


Cute Anime girls

Anime: Attack On Titan

As the final season of attack on titan trends worldwide, it’s about time that we get to see the cute anime girl that is Historia.

Not a day passes by that the attack on titan fans don’t adore her cuteness.

With her blonde hair, cute voice, and short stature, it is hard to deny her cuteness even for someone who haven’t watched attack on titan, or even anime in general.

She is a queen not just in the anime, but also among fans.

It’s her character development, wholesomeness, and unusual persona that makes her the top pick on this list of some cute anime girls who have been rising in popularity in the recent years..

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